Sep 26

Total Recall Extended Director’s Cut

Total Recall - Director's Cut

Total Recall - Director's Cut

Total Recall will get its Blu-ray and DVD versions on December 18. The Blu-ray edition will have three discs that also include DVD and UltraViolet. Bonus content available will include:

Total Recall With Insight
Commentary with Director Len Wiseman
Gag Reel
Science Fiction vs. Science Fact
Designing The Fall
Total Action
- Colin Farrell
- The Tripping Den
- Quaid’s Bedroom
- Kate Beckinsale
- Lobby Escape
- Jessica Biel
- Quaid vs. Cohaagen
Pre-Visualization Sequences
- Apartment Waterfront Chase
- The Fall Fight
- Flight and Tripping Den
- Elevator Chase
- Car Chase
Concept Art

The item is available for preorder via Amazon.

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